Proyecto de Investigación sobre el papel de la regulación en la promoción del acceso universal a la energía (FSR WAME Universal Access to Energy). Enquiry by 29th February 2016

The initiative is focusing on the role of the regulatory institutions in promoting and assisting an extension of access to electricity via better rules and monitoring. Details are provided in the background paper that can be downloaded (see below).

In order for this initiative to be a success we need to have experts, officials and operators taking a few minutes of their time to respond to this Enquiry (see below), and so contributing to our accumulation of information, experience and advice on the issue.

Help us to determine the current reality in the field and set up the next steps to be taken by responding to our enquiry by 29th February 2016.

The outcome of the Enquiry will be a Report which will be sent to the respondents, to institutions and people involved and competent in the matter, and consequently likely to draw some benefit from the Report itself.